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0 notes "When it’s real, it’s unconditional. A man just isn’t a man if he’s not man enough to love you when you’re right, love you when you’re wrong, love you when you’re weak, love you when you’re strong, taking you higher when the world has you feeling low, he’s giving you his last because he’s thinking of your first, giving comfort when he thinks you’re hurt. Sometimes you’re going to argue, sometimes you’re going to fight, sometimes it’s going to feel like it’ll never be right. But something so strong keeps you holding on." — Alicia Keys
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How Many Times, How Many Lies by The Pussycat Dolls
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It’s that time again, ladies and gentlemen. Every time I go through something personal, I feel like I need to write… or in this case: type. Writing better explains things for me. I feel fully expressed when I write. Writing is my therapy.

To me, any good and successful relationship needs five…

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Ricci Albenda
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